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Professional headshot of Alyssa Dufresne, renowned vegan baker from Denver, Colorado

Alyssa Dufresne, a self-taught baker based near Denver, Colorado, specializes in offering delicious baked goods. Operating as a Cottage Baker from her home, Alyssa is deeply passionate about her craft. Born in Aurora and a graduate of Smoky Hill, she is rooted in her local community.

A devoted wife and mother of two sons, Alyssa attributes much of her success to her supportive family, particularly her husband, who not only stands as her number one supporter but also played a pivotal role in their family's transition to a vegan lifestyle.

Driven by a desire to dispel misconceptions about veganism, Alyssa and her family are on a mission to showcase the comfort, safety, and fulfillment that vegan food can provide.


Through their culinary creations, they aim to foster a more loving, compassionate, and empathetic world for present and future generations.

Photo by Andy Johns

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