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How to Help Save the Animals

Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary -

Northern Colorado Wildlife Center -

Reptile & Amphibian Center of the Rockies -

Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary -

For Vegans:

  1. Promote Veganism: Spread awareness about the benefits of veganism through social media, blogs, or by organizing events.

  2. Support Vegan Businesses: Purchase products from companies that produce cruelty-free and vegan items.

  3. Adopt a Vegan Lifestyle: Commit to a plant-based diet and avoid using products derived from animals, such as leather or fur.

  4. Advocate for Animal Rights Legislation: Support organizations and initiatives that work towards enacting laws to protect animals.

  5. Volunteer at or Donate to Animal Sanctuaries: Offer your time and skills to help care for rescued animals at sanctuaries.

  6. Educate Others: Share information about animal rights and the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and animals' welfare.

  7. Join Animal Rights Organizations: Become a member or volunteer for organizations dedicated to animal welfare and rights.

  8. Reduce Consumption of Animal Products: Continuously strive to minimize your consumption of animal-derived products in all aspects of life.

  9. Donate to Animal Welfare Causes: Contribute financially to organizations working to protect and rescue animals.

  10. Practice Compassion: Treat all living beings with kindness and respect.

For Non-Vegans:

  1. GO VEGAN!!

  2. Reduce Meat Consumption: Decrease meat intake by participating in initiatives like Meatless Mondays or exploring plant-based alternatives.

  3. Support Local Farmers Markets: Purchase products from local farmers who prioritize animal welfare.

  4. Educate Yourself: Learn about the realities of factory farming and the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and animals' welfare.

  5. Vote for Animal-Friendly Policies: Support political candidates and policies that promote animal rights and welfare.

  6. Engage in Dialogue: Have respectful conversations with vegans and others about animal rights and the benefits of adopting a more compassionate lifestyle.

  7. Encourage Restaurants and Stores: Request more plant-based options at restaurants and stores to increase accessibility to vegan alternatives.

  8. Participate in Activism: Attend rallies, sign petitions, or participate in peaceful demonstrations advocating for animal rights.

  9. Foster Compassion: Teach children and peers about the importance of respecting and caring for animals.

  10. Make Informed Choices: Consider the impact of your purchasing decisions on animals and opt for cruelty-free options whenever possible.

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