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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Everything Vegan?


Everything I bake with is 100% vegan, including the food colorings and add-ins (chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc.)

Do you use organic ingredients?

I use organic ingredients as often as I can but not every ingredient I can find is organic. 


The ingredients that will always be organic are fruits, vegetables, flours, sugars and maple syrup. 

Do you offer Gluten-Free options?

I offer a small selection of gluten-free items that can be found on my menu, here

Where are you located?

Dufresne's Vegan Treats is currently operating under the Colorado Cottage Baker Act.


This means I am able to use my home kitchen to prepare, package and store direct orders.

Where do I pick up my order?

Pickup is in Lakewood, CO (Wadsworth & Mississippi).

We will work together to schedule an appropriate time for your pickup.

How long have you been in business?

I have been operating as a business since 2020.

In 2022, I became a licensed wholesaler but decided to go back to being a Cottage Baker in 2023.

Do you sell at any local establishments?

No, as Cottage Bakers, we are not permitted to bake for re-sale.


Please place your orders with me directly. 

Do you offer wedding cakes?

I do not bake traditional wedding cakes, but I am always happy to arrange a vegan section of cupcakes or mini bundt cakes for your special events.

Do you take corporate gift orders?

Please contact me directly to inquire about company or corporate gifting.

Do you have a


No, since I am a Cottage Baker, I bake from home directly to an individual. 

Everything is custom and made to order.

What food colorings do you use?

The only item that contains any Red Dye 40 is the Unicorn Sugar Cookies. 

Cupcake frosting can be dyed with vegan food coloring.

Can any of your items be frozen?

Most of my treats can be frozen anywhere from two to six months.

Each item comes with detailed instructions on storage and consumption timelines.

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