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Animal Liberation: Going vegan means fewer animals endure the horrors of factory farms. 

Heartfelt Empathy: It ignites a fire of compassion within, recognizing the shared capacity for joy and pain among all living beings.

Justice for Mother Earth: Choosing veganism is a powerful stance against the environmental devastation wrought by animal agriculture.

Longer Life: Embracing a vegan lifestyle nourishes not just the body, but the soul, with the vitality of compassion and conscious living.


We are dedicated to championing animal welfare through concrete action.


One of the ways we've chosen to honor this commitment is by pledging to donate 10% of our annual sales to an esteemed animal rescue or sanctuary.

2023 - Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keensburg, Colorado

2024 - Luvin Arms Sanctuary in Erie, Colorado


To place an order, visit the online ordering page and select the date you would like schedule your order.

We kindly ask that orders are picked up in Lakewood with a minimum three days' notice.

All of our treats are freshly prepared to order. 

Contact us to inquire and learn more.

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